50,000 Greyhounds Are About To Be Brutally Killed, And No One Is Talking About It












The Brigitte Bardot Foundation has just written an open letter to the King of Spain, the Spanish authorities, and the whole country, in a plea to put an end to this revolting ‘tradition’. There is also an online petition, that you can sign here! We need all the help and support we can get if we want to make a change, so please share this.

Today, on the 1st of February, we commemorate World Galgo Day, in honor of the Spanish greyhounds who are used to hunt in Spain. Every year, this day symbolises the fight to end the terrible fate which awaits these greyhounds once the hunting season in Spain is over.

Check this at: http://www.holidogtimes.com/50000-greyhounds-are-about-to-be-brutally-killed-and-no-one-is-talking-about-it/?gs_ref=9cbcbda8d8554bf4aff7b281d67bbca4-Email

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