In This Life

I start everyday with the sound of my dog scratching lightly at my door. Time to get up! He greets me every morning at 615am with a hug and a smile. He is genuinely happy to see me. Even though he saw me only a few hours earlier. No matter what kind of mood I was in at bedtime, if I wanted to play or be alone, he is happy to see me in the morning.

He only wants love and to be pet and fed. Thats it. Simple!! In this life I have learned   living life simply can be a nice way to live. I however, haven’t mastered what my dog in one short year has. I will preach it though and hope to take my own advice soon.

Four kids, 3 dogs, two jobs and a husband is definitely NOT simple. It is pure chaos. But we love it. I am that person who NEEDS to be busy ALL of the time. Down time for me is frustrating. I plan to sit for 30 minutes a day and just think, and it never happens. I mean never. A dog barks, a kid yells , my husband need something…. never a second to breathe. But again, I love it. I thrive on a challenge, I love to plan the NEXT thing before I’m done with the thing I am doing. It keeps me moving. I feel I’d die if I stopped!

My grandfather worked, yes worked until well into his 80’s. He ran a family business. It honestly helped him stay healthy until 90! The man was a machine. I look up to him. In every way. I am built like that.

I currently am a business owner, mother, wife, doggy mom, landlord and a Real Estate agent.  I don’t know what it is to only have 1 job. And never want to. People look forward to retiring, I look forward to tomorrow and scheduling my next appointment. Keep moving. Simple is great, on a weekend! But In this life, I want to keep moving!

I started a new blog so people can see what I live with , dogs, kids, chaos. And how to keep my home feeling comfortable with everyone in it.

Life can be whatever you make it. If you choose simple, that is your choice. I choose chaos but keep it under control.

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